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DMX Amplifiers / Splitters

Multi-Socket Splitters for Lighting Control Projcets

At Essential Supplies, we offer a wide range of lighting resources including control system materials and applications. Within this range includes our selection of DMX amplifiers and splitters for lighting control projects. Most commonly used within the event industry, DMX amplifiers and splitters are versatile pieces of equipment, no matter the size or scale of the lighting system you’re managing.  

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  1. DMX Amplifier and 4 Way Splitter for Rack Mounting
    DMX Amplifier and 4 Way Splitter for Rack Mounting
    • Pro Amp and 4 way splitter
    • Weight 2.6kg
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £141.34 £117.78
  2. DMX Amplifier and 7 Way Splitter Ideal for Truss Mounting
    DMX Amplifier and 7 Way Splitter Ideal for Truss Mounting
    • DMX Amp & 7way Splitter
    • Ideal for truss mounting
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £207.90 £173.25
  3. DMX Amplifier and 8 Way Splitter front angle
    DMX Amplifier and 8 Way Splitter
    • DMX Splitter for Lighting
    • 8x 3pin XLR outputs
    Lead time:
    Enquire for Availability
    £102.06 £85.05
  4. CS 2 DMX Distribution Splitter
    DMX Amplifier and 2 Way Splitter
    • DMX Splitter for Lighting
    • 2x 3pin DMX XLR outputs
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £57.31 £47.76
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What Are DMX Amplifiers and Splitters?

DMX amplifiers and splitters are used in the events and entertainment sectors for use in lighting control systems and projects. DMX amplifiers are used to secure and maintain the DMX’s signal strength, enabling you to use multiple drivers on a single DMX network. Similarly, a DMX splitter enables you to send a signal in different directions, with the signal able to connect to more lights. We provide a variety of multi-socket splitters for all sizes of lighting control projects.   

When To Use DMX Amplifiers and Splitters

Generally used within the events and entertainment industry, DMX amplifiers and splitters are used for professional and high-tech light fixtures and lighting control systems. Such systems are often utilised at venues such as weddings and receptions, parties, festivals, club nights and outdoor events. Getting the right lighting set-up is crucial for many different types of events, with lighting being a key aspect of celebrations and occasions. From DMX amplifiers and 7-way splitters ideal for truss mounting, to DMX amplifiers and 4-way splitters for rack mounting, we have everything you’ll need to make the lighting a memorable feature of the night.   

Explore Our Range Of DMX Amplifiers and Splitters 

For lighting control systems that are easy to manage without a fuss, take a look at our range of DMX amplifiers and splitters today. See our delivery rates page for more information on our shipping details, or if you have any questions about our products and need advice on the right equipment required, get in touch with us on 01752 817 140 and we’d be happy to help you. 



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