DMX Lighting Desk LED Master 64 Controller

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This is a great and simple desk to control up to 8 different groups of LED fixtures each with upto 8 channels of DMX.
Quick to select a group of lights, quick to select a scene a colour or chase
We can set these desks up for you. just call out technical team., so you can "Plug & Play"

- Compact and Lightweight
- 8 x Chases 32 steps each
- 4 modes, auto chase, sound chase, manual, & fade
- LED Gooseneck Lamp inc.
- 19" rack mount option
- 8 Colour Preset
- Power Fail Memory
- External Power Supply (9V DC/300mA)
- DMX Output: 3Pol (2+,3-/2-,3+)
- Weight: 1,8kg
- Dimensions 280 x 170 x 66mm
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