Connectable Festoon Extension 2m BLACK

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Black 2m Extension

Connectable Series, Outdoor Festoon Lighting

Festoon cables have numerous uses indoor and outdoor and will always look spectacular, creating a festive atmosphere and enhancing your theme and environment for all to appreciate.

This is our 2m Extension cables that are designed to exclusively fit with our Connectable Festoon series. Generally used to extend the distance from the Starter Cable to the start of the festoon when the lead in length does not meet your requirements. Alternatively, you can use an extension to create a blank space between two festoons.

This is a Black cable extension lead and is also available in White.

K-Type Plugs & Sockets;

Our Connectable Festoon series are all fitted with a K type plug & socket, please see secondary image for reference. These are a sealed by screw, two pin, neat and compact looking plug and they will also make your run of festoon look a lot tidier and fluid.

Some customers might prefer to use standard 16 Amp plugs, these are very easy to fit, you can simply cut off the pre-fitted K type plugs.

Cable - 2 core 1.5mm HO5RNH2-F, Flat rubber cable

Length – 2m

Max suggested Total Load - 2000w, 8.7 Amps (at 230v)

Voltage - 110v or 230v Applications

Plug & Socket - K Type, IP44, only compatible with our Connectable Series.

500m Max suggested length of Festoon, connected on one run.

When using Festoons, make sure all lamps are facing downwards, or a maximum of 45 degrees when used in external environments, this helps assist weather resistance.

Extra Items:

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Starter Sets

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Bespoke festoons are available and made to order. Either request a quote on your checkout or E-mail us answering the specification questions visible on the page. Cable is available in Black and White for Rubber or Black and white for PVC. Bespoke festoons normally take about 1 week for delivery.

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