M6 Galvanized Barrel Screw

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  • M6 Galvanised

M6 Galvanised Eye to Hook Turnbuckle Barrel Strainer

These sturdy and durable devices are ideally used to create a high amount of tension on wire rope fixings and have an incredibly easy usability.

One end is an eyelet to fix onto one point of your fitting and the hook end attaches onto what is needed to have tension applied to it. The thread on either end is set up to turn in opposite directions, so when you twist the turnbuckle in the middle, it will bring both threads together, thus pulling the wire and creating tension.

One Barrel Screw is recommended to be used per every 10 linear metres of wire rope.


M6 Thread
Body Length 110mm
Body Diameter 20mm
Length Eye to Hook 155 to 230mm

Use with the following (r = recommended ):
Carbine hook - mm: 4, 5r, 6, 7, 8
Quick repair links - mm: 3.5, 4, 5r, 6
Shackles - mm: 5, 6, 8r
Tested Shackles - mm: 6, 8r