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Masonry Economy Stud M10 x 30

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  • M10 X 30
  • 10mm Thread
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Hexagonal, Carbon Steel Shield, 10mm Thread, Masonry Stud

Also referred to a ‘Wall Fixings’ or ‘Projecting Stud’, and are most commonly applied as permanent fixings into concrete, brick work, hardstone and dense aggregate blockwork.

They do not work in perforated bricks or lightweight block work.

When tightened the tapered expander cone is drawn into the expansion segments, which forces them against the base surface. Allowing keying and friction to take place in order to provide the necessary resistance to keep the bolt in place.

To use;

- Mark out hole positions and drill hole to correct diameter and depth

- Clean the hole of debris, blowing and brushing works best

- Insert the shield anchor and position your fixture where appropriate

- Insert the hexagonal stud and using a torque wrench, tighten to the recommended torque

Care must be taken when placing your fixtures, as you may damage the thread on the stud, this will in turn effect the tensioning relationship and as a result the clamping force will be lessened.


Drill Size: 16mm

Box Quantity: 50