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Medium Wire Rope Zip Clip 2.5mm - 3mm

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  • For Wires 2.5-3mm
  • SWL 120kg

Medium Wire Rope Grip, Zip Clip for 2.5mm-3mm

Rize KL150 120kg SWL

Wire rope releasable grip, used for fixing wire ropes, it is much faster and easier to use than standard wire rope grips.


Applications include:

  • Marquee Guying
  • Marquee Lining Wire
  • Marquee Partition Wire
  • Antenna Bracing
  • Exhibition Display Support
  • Catenary Support Wires
  • Exhibition Display Support
  • Log Banding
  • Cargo Lashing
  • Trailer Cables


  • Cut wire to desired length for the drop required
  • Pass one end of the wire through the zip-clip in the direction of the arrow and draw through enough wire to go around your fixing point
  • Pass the wire end back through the zip-clip leaving at least 15cm of free wire protruding
  • At the other end again pass the wire through the zip-clip in the direction of the arrow
  • Pass the free end of wire around your suspension or through your fixing and back through the zip-clip leaving 15cm of wire protruding
  • Always confirm engagement of the zip-clip on the wire by pushing the pin in the opposite direction to the arrows indicated