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  • Compact Meter Measurer
  • 60mV - 600V
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MTTR01 - Compact Multimeter with USB Interface by Mercury

This compact meter features a wide range of measurement capabilities, and is ergonomically designed to easily fit in the palm of your hand. The USB interface allows the tester to be connected to a computer so that readings can be displayed in a manner of graphical ways through the supplied software. The multitester allows the user to measure true RMS values with the product including a 600 count high resolution digital display with a blue LED backlight.

With a built in intergrated kick stand and magnetic loop enables a hands-free functionality whilst ultilising its continuity, frequency, transistor and temperature test functions.

Includes a shock proof rubber holster, K type temerature sensor, transistor testing adaptor and a 9 Volt PP3 battery.

Frequency of 9.99Hz - 9.99MHz

Temperature of minus 20 degrees celcius to 1000 degrees celcius.

Dimensions of 188mm x 81mm x 48mm

Weight - 300g

Voltage - 60mV - 600V

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Lead time:2 - 3 Days