Charge Balance 22kW Portable EV Charger for 4 Cars

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  • 22, 11, 7 & 3kW, for 4/8/12 or 16+ Cars
  • Card / TAG pay options
  • Delivery 8 Weeks

Charge Balance 4 Car Charger

The charge balance system, not only offers fast ev charging, it is portable, and has load balancing software which adds extra green credentials to a charging system, and saves money too.

Link together extra Charge Balance 4 car sets to even more vehicles 40 , 400 or more

With the number of electric cars on the rise, demand for charging points has never been greater. The Charge Balance System is fully portable, with quick set up times, designed to support electric vehicle use where perminent charge points are not available. Ideal for use at construction sites, during events, festivals, for extra seasonal demand etc.

The Charge Balance system has been developed with our European partners Velload, Vello Elektro and Mennekes. The Charge Balance System offers flexible and intelligent solutions for portable car charging.

Simple programming can take advantage of mulpile payement systems, and priority charging points. The system distributes power to each vehicle, taking into account the available load capacity (from generator or mains power supply), requested demand (from each vehicle), number of users and possibly preferred users.

How It Works

Master and Satelite chargers both look identical, there are some different internal components. Masters can be programmed to opperate as a Master or a Satelite. The master is usually the left hand charger on each 4 car charger set.

Master Charger. The master is 22kw vehicle charger as well as a system controller. Programmed via a pc/laptop, to set up the payment and load balancing software, 4G communication module if used. The master can control over 100 satelite chargers linked by CAT5 data cable.

One Master is required per installation/venue. If the installation has for example 20 chargers, then only one of the masters is set to control the instalation all other sets become satelites.

Satellite Charger also has a Type 2 EV charging sockets, a card/tag reader, LED status indicators for each charging socket. The charger shares data from the vehicle with the master, then the master sets the charging rate, having taken into account:

  1. All vehicles plugged into the system
  2. The battery level in each vehicle
  3. The max charging rate of each vehicle
  4. The max mains supply capacity
  5. Any priority charger points / tag cards used


  • 4 EV Type 2 Chargers by Mennekes - Max Rate 22kw each (3 Phase)
  • 4 X 6mA DC leakage Protection (built into the chargers)
  • 4 x RCDs 40A/30mA Type A, 4 Pole
  • 4 x MCBs 32A 3P+N, C Curve
  • 2 payment modes - free/RFID tag, swipe card via OCPP
  • Set priority faster charge sockets
  • Set balance of load and supply
  • 4G communication module for swipe cards
  • Mains Input 125A 3 phase inlet
  • 125A Loop Through Output 3 phase socket to link to Satellites
  • KWH Meter - Calibrated
  • Industrial CAT 5 in & out
  • Galvanised Steel Lifting Frame - Euro Pallet Size
  • Waterproof to IP44
  • Branding - Add your company branding to the frame

Dimensions: 1050 x 600 x 1740mm (l x w x h)

Weight: - 205kg

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Voltage415V - Three Phase