Powerlock 480A Line Source for 120mm Cables by Power Syntax SPX

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Line 3 Line Source SPX by Power Syntax

  • Innovative ergonomic hand grip for easy handling.
  • IP2X finger protection to prevent touching live parts.
  • Contact to housing retention through flameretardant
    UL94-VO plastic cotter pin.
  • No special assembling tools needed.
  • Secondary locking safety system.
  • Set Screw termination for 25 mm² - 150 mm² cables.
  • Crimp termination for cables up to 300 mm².
  • IP68 plastic cable gland for cable strain relief, with
    15 - 32 mm (M40) or 30 - 38 mm (M50) clamping range.
  • Permanent phase/line identification and safety
    information markings embossed on connector’s shell.
  • No additional information stickers applied.
  • SPX 4 480amp with set screw contacts.
  • SPX 7 750amp with crimp contacts.
  • SPY EasiLug with bi-metal (aluminum/copper) or
    copper lug contact with crimp terminal.
  • SPV with bi-metal (aluminum/copper) crimp contact.
  • For secondary lock release, use SyntaxLock or
    standard release key.

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