6.3.V6.E - 63A Distribution Board 415v to 6 x 16A, 3 x 32A 230v Outlets

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  • Sockets 3 x 32A, 6 x 16A
  • 1 x 30mA RCD, 9 x MCBs

Basic 63 Amp Three Phase Event Power Distribution Board

After listening to our customers we have designed this board to be competitively priced but still use superior components in one of our high quality enclosures.


V45/36 Stacking corner points,
All sockets and trips are recessed.
Engraved socket & trip numbers

Inlet: 63A 400V Panel mounted inlet 5P IP67 6h by Mennekes

6 x 16A / 230V (2 per Phase) 3P IP44 6h by Mennekes
3 x 32A / 230V (1 per Phase) 3P IP44 6h by Mennekes

1 x 4 Pole 63A/30mA RCD Type AC, by RTC, protection for all sockets
3 x 32A MCBs 1P C Curve by RTC, 1 per socket
6 x 16A MCBs 1P C Curve by RTC, 1 per socket
3 x Neon to show "Power On" (1 per phase)

Dimensions: 500 x 360 x 420mm

Delivery: 2 - 3 Days

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Lead time:2 - 3 weeks
Voltage415V - Three Phase