Cable Protection Enclosure 32A to 16A 240v with RCBO

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In Line Cable Protector, 32A 240v input, 16a 230v output.

Adapter 32 Amp to 16 Amp

Mennekes Plug 240V 32A IP44
Mennekes Connector 240V 16A IP44
RCBO 16a 30ma 2 pole RCBO by RTC
2.5mm / 3 Core H07 Rubber Cable
6.0mm / 3 Core H07 Rubber Cable

An in line enclosure to protect cable runs between power source (i.e. house / generator / marina socket) to a lower rated appliance (ie lights / boat / caravan / catering stand)

Fitted with an RCBO to protect from overload and earth faults. The enclosure at one end will have 1m of cable to Mennekes Plug 240V 32A IP44 , and at the other end 1m of cable to a 16A Mennekes 240V IP44 socket.

Enclosure Dimensions 101 x 175 x 112 = (W x H x D in mm)
Enclosure waterproof to IP65

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