Socapex Distribution Boards

Monitoring Distribution Boards

As well as our standard range of 16 Amp, 32 Amp, 63 Amp, 125 Amp, 400 Amp and completely Bespoke Power Distribution Units, we are able to offer Distribution Boards with built in  Power Monitoring, to help users understand their energy usage, make savings and increase the reliability of the system.

Portable Socapex Distros by Titan Power

What is a Socapex Distro?

A Monitoring Distro is a Distribution Board that uses a Cloud Based remote Metering and Control Software that records and stores data through Ethernet, 4G or WiFi.

Functions include: Energy Monitoring, Automated Energy Billing, Remote Energy Monitoring and Control, Building Energy Managements, Asset Management and Tracking, Visualistation of Energy Use and Fully Customisable Dashboards.

A Monitoring Distribution Board is primarily used to monitor and control energy usage in, construction, film/TV, commercial, Industrial & event applications. Multiple devices can be linked in different areas up to 10km apart.

The Titan Enclosure Features

  • IP67 Rated: Waterproof Enclosure
  • IK10 Rated: Impact Resistant & Heavy Duty
  • Heat Resistant: Resists 80°C for 100 Hours
  • Chemical Resistant: Resists Acids & Bases
  • Recessed Walls: Intelligently Designed Socket Protection
  • Convenient Design: Stackable with Carry Handles
  • Customisable Design: Custom Engraving Options Available

Portable Socapex Distribution Board Features

Energy Monitoring

Get real-time insights into your Energy Consumption.

Automated Energy Billing

Say goodbye to Manual Calculations, the system handles it for you.

Asset Mangement & Tracking

Keep tabs on your assets, ensuring they're operating at peak efficiency.

36 Month Warranty

We offer a 3-Year Warranty on all Parts and Manufacturing Defects as standard for our Monitoring Range.

How does a Socapex Distro Work?

CT coils measure current flow at each socket, sensors detect voltage & frequency extra inputs can be added to monitor temperature, fluid flow rate, on/off trip status and lots more. All sensors connect to a display meter/modbus. Chosen outputs monitor variables that are then sent to the cloud, recorded and displayed on any web connected PC or phone screen - See the below diagram for visualisation: