Powerlock IP67 protection cap kit for Line Source / Panel Source connector

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PowerSyntax® Line Source / Panel Source IP67 Protective Locking Cap

A Protective Cap that ensures complete water ingress protection when attached and lock.  These Powerlock caps are suitable for Line Source and Panel Source connectors. The universal housing is keyed to fit on any phase so that one cap fits all.

Additionally, the caps are protected by the secondary locking system which can be released using the SyntaxLock or standard release key.

Powerlock is our preferred single-pole electrical connector specifically suited for 480A high power cables. PowerSyntax are fully compatible with other manufacturers of Powerlock connectors. In tests, the Syntax range is a clear leader for quality, reliability performance and safety.

PowerSyntax® feature a range of Line Source (sockets) and Line Drain (plugs) with L1, L2, L3, Neutral and Earth connectors. Use with Source / Drain and Line and Panel connectors.

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