Sennheiser Microphone E609

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Dynamic Super-cardioid Sennheiser E609 Silver Guitar & Drums Microphone

A microphone best suited for equipping Guitar cabs and Tom Drums at close range. The super-cardioid pick-ups help provide isolation from other onstage signals. Complete with a hum compensating coil, advanced shcok mount design, this German made product is definitely a high quality essential in any studio or live performance.

A Dynamic microphone can withstand louder, harsher sounds as well as being durable, as they are a lot less sensitive than typical condenser microphones.

Dimensions - 55mm x 34mm x 134mm

Connector - XLR-3pin

Frequency - 40Hz - 15000Hz

Transducer - Dynamic

Pick-Up Pattern - Super-Cardioid

Sensitivity - 1,5mV/Pa

Nominal Impedance - 350 Ω

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