Socapex Cable 3m Extension 1.5mm Cores

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Socapex Cable 3m Extension 1.5mm Cores

Plugs Made with 9 pin Socapex plug & Socket which is molded onto the cable, this gives added strength and reliabilty to the cable for years of use in tough enviroments.

Cable 18 core 1.5mm, soft and flexible ie Softiflex brand or similar.

Delivery If your cable is custom made, delivery may take up to a week. Please call 01752 817 140 to confirm dates.

Socapex spiders and extensions. Socapex extensions from 5m to 30m made using heavy duty multicore lighting cable and 19 pin plugs & sockets. Event industry power solutions. Call Essential Supplies 0800 0432123 for custom requirements.

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Type of PlugConventional
Break In / OutNo