TITAN 125A Distribution Board 415v to 6 x 16A 230v, 4 x 32A, 2 x 63A & 1 x 125A 415v Outlets

Lead time:
2 - 3 weeks


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  • 6 x 16A, 4 x 32A, 2 x 63A, 125A
  • 11 x MCB, 5 x RCD

NewTitan Power 125 Amp Distribution

"Titan Power for when you want the best, and most reliable power solution"

Titan Power products are used for Site Power Distribution & Generator Power Distribution and are ideal for Event Production, Film & TV, Motor Sport, Marine, Construction & Industrial Power. We only use Mennekes Plugs & Sockets & Titan Enclosures.


Shockproof polyethylene box, water resistant upto IP67
Stacking corner points,
All sockets and trips are recessed.
Engraved socket & trip numbers

125A / 415v Panel mounted inlet (IP67)

6 x 16A / 230v
4 x 32A / 415v
2 x 63A / 415v
1 x 125A / 415v


125A 4P MCB Type C, by Doepke 

4 X 63A 4P RCD Type A, by Doepke

2 x 63A 3P MCB Type C, by Doepke

2 x 32A 3P MCB Type C, by Doepke

1 X 40A 4P RCD Type A, by Doepke

6 x 16A SP MCB Type C, by Doepke

Phase Neons

1 x Earth Bolt

Dimensions: 500 x 800 x 420

Optional Extras
RCBO Trips
Adjustable RCDs
Your Logo
Galvanised Frame / Stand, Caster Wheels
Extra Sockets

Delivery: Normally 1 Week. Please call for an accurate lead time.

More Information
Lead time:2 - 3 weeks
Voltage415V - Three Phase