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125A Temporary Power Distribution Unit - 13 Way 400V - 125.3.V8.2

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  • 13 Outlets: 125/3, 63/3, 32/3, 16/1
  • Main Isolater, RCDs + MCBs
  • Designed & Made in UK
  • Titan Plus 2 Year Warranty

The Stackable and Versatile Power Distribution Option!

The ENC125/V45/80/0480 has a 125 Amp Panel Inlet by Mennekes and 13 different outlets, each protected by Type A RCDs and C Curve MCBs by ABB or Doepke. Included is a set of Green Phase Neon Indicators and a 12mm Earthing Stud.

For more information visit - https://titanpower.co.uk/titan-cube/

Titan Power Plus 125A 400v Power Distribution Unit - V45.80

Data Sheet: ENC125/V45/80/480

Titan Plus - 125.3.V8.2 - Titan Power 125A 400v Distribution to 1 x 125/3, 2 x 63/3, 4 x 32/3, 6 x 16/1 Main Isolator + RCB and MCBs


Warranty Period: 24 Months Warranty on all Parts and Manufacturing Defects

Product Overview: IP44, IK10, Double Insulated

Enclosure: V45/80 Shockproof Polyethylene Enclosure, Water Resistant up to IP67, Impact Resistance IK10

Enclosure Dimensions: 770 x 475 x 415mm (H x W x D)


Inlet and Loop Through:

  • 1 x 125A 400v 3P+N+E, IP67 6h Panel Inlet by Mennekes
  • 1 x 125A 400v 3P+N+E, IP67 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes - Loop Through (No Protection)

Power Socket Outlets:

  • 6 x 16A 230v P+N+E IP44 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes - Wired 2 Per Phase
  • 4 x 32A 400v 3P+N+E IP44 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes
  • 2 x 63A 400v 3P+N+E IP67 6h Panel Socket by Mennekes


  • Incomer: 1 x Main 125A 4P Isolator Switch by ABB/Doepke - Breaks all protected sockets

Outlet Protection:

  • 1 x 40A /30mA 4P RCD Type A + 6 x 16A 1P MCB, C Curve - Protects 16A 230v Sockets
  • 2 x (1 x 63A /30mA 4P RCD Type A + 2 x 32A 3P MCB, C Curve) - Protects 2 x 32A 400v Sockets per RCD
  • 2 x (1 x 63A /30mA 4P RCD Type A + 1 x 63A 4P MCB, C Curve) - Protects 63A 400v Sockets


  • 1 x Set of 3 x Green Phase Neon Indicators 
  • 1 x 12mm Earthing Stud