63A Distribution Board 415v to 6 x 16A, 3 x 32A 230v Outlets With Variable Earth Leakage Relay

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  • Sockets 3 x 32A, 6 x 16A
  • 1x Main MCB + Adj RCD + 9 x MCBs

Variable Leakage 63 Amp 3 phase Distribution Board with 6 x 16 Amp & 3 x 32 Amp  230v Outlets

Description: Titan Power products are used for Site Power Distribution & Generator Power Distribution and are ideal for Event Production, Film & TV, Motor Sport, Marine, Construction & Industrial Power. We only use Mennekes Plugs & Sockets & Titan Enclosures.

Enclosure: V45/36 Our cubes are lightweight, compact and stackable. Robust with IP67 housing.


Inlet: Panel Mount 63A 400v 3P+N+E   IP44 6h by Mennekes

Outlets: 3 x 32A 230v 3P, 1P+N+E   IP44 6h by Mennekes

3 x 32A 230v 3P, 1P+N+E   IP44 6h by Mennekes


1 X 63A 4P MCB C Curve, by Doepke, with Shunt

1 X Variable Earth Leakage Relay + pick up coil

 3 x 32A SP MCB C Curve, by Doepke, for 16A Sockets

 6 x 16A SP MCB C Curve, by Doepke, for 16A Sockets

Enclosure:  V45.36 IP67

Dimensions: 500 x 360 x 420mm (W x L x H)

Delivery: Normally 3-4 Days,


RCDs Warning:  Under 18th Edition Wiring Regulations, all final circuits rated 32 Amps or less need to be protected by a 30mA RCD. The 32A/16A sockets on this board do not have RCD protection, this board is not designed for final user use, but as distribution to further sub distribution boards. If you require RCDs or advice please call.

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Lead time:2 - 3 weeks
Voltage415V - Three Phase