Triangular Base Plate for Triangular Truss By Trilite 200 Series

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  • Triangular Base Plate
  • 200 Series

Triangular Base Plate, Aluminium, for Triangular Truss, 200 Series by Trilite

Base and wall plates add about 11mm to height or width of a structure.

Please note we can supply any Trilite part and make any bespoke structure big or small.

Delivery normally approx 2 weeks. This can be longer in the peak summer months. If you need delivery for a specific date please enquire before ordering.

Each Truss length will be supplied with a sleeve and bolts to join to the next length.


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  • Main Tube diameter: 2” (50.8mm)
  • Lacing Spars diameter: ½” (12.7mm)