Venture 4w SBC Candle Clear Filament Bulb 2700k Dimmable

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  • SBC 4W LED Dimmable
  • Warm White

Venture 4w SBC Candle Clear Bulb Dimmable

Our New 4w LED Candle are equivalent to 40w. Their output is a very warm white these are now very popular in our festoons. The dimming curve is very smooth to very low levels only suitable for use with professional dimmers.

Waterproofing: This lamp does not have any waterproof rating. Please consult our sales staff if you want to use it outdoors so we can make sure you have the correct festoon and waterproof seal.

Dimmable: Yes
Cap: SBC
Input Voltage: AC 220v to 240v
LED Working Current: 29mA
Power Rating: 4.5w
Normal Life: 15 000hrs
Colour Temperature: 2700k
Luminous Flux: 470Lm