Voltage Detector by C.K

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  • Voltage Detector
  • Range from 70 - 1000V AC
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Non-Contact Voltage Detector with Visual Indicator -T2271

This great little pen like device flashes red when near to a live cable. It is fantastic for fault finding in cables as you do not need to open plugs and test with meters.

Simply hold the pen about 1cm from the cable and the tip will flash if the cable is live. A real time saver for your tool box!

Further information:
- Suitable for non-contact AC voltage tests, earthing/ground connection checks, proper connection check, broken wire detection.
- High sensitivity tester, offering an extensive non-contact voltage detection range of 70-1000V AC.
- Bright red LED illumination on detection of AC voltage.
- Installation category CAT III 1000V offers protection against transient voltage spikes for the safe testing of fixed installations.
- Double insulated to ensure safe use near live circuitry.
- Ergonomic, dual component body construction with handy pocket clip.

Note: Requires 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries.

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