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Power Distro, Audio & Custom Lighting Specialists  

We’re a leading supplier and manufacturer of bespoke lighting, electrical, rigging and audio products. 


Here at Essential Supplies, we sell a huge range of products. Everything from electrical adaptors and power distribution to stage, marquee or disco effect lighting. Audio products like mixing consoles, speakers and rigging systems to our new portable electrical vehicle chargers. 


We offer a complete solution. From fitting plugs to lights, to designing a whole lighting system for your venue. From making an adaptor to creating a whole bespoke power system for your stage.  We offer installation and comprehensive after support and training courses for you or your team. 

Our prompt and friendly service both online and by telephone offers a quick and straight forward buying experience. Need help? Call us now.


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Our Industries


Automotive / Electric Vehicles

We provide specialist power distribution and cables for the Automotive Industry including fixed or portable EV Charging points and cabling


Broadcast, Radio/TV

We work with film studios and broadcast TV’s for the provision of distribution enclosures, lighting and audio equipment



Strong, robust power distribution equipment for construction sites, manufacturing and tools

Energy and Power

Energy & Power

High quality, temporary power distribution solutions for various generators and power plants

Events and Festivals

Events & Festivals

Lighting, Audio, Rigging and Power Distribution solutions, outfitting some of the greatest events around the UK



On land, sea and in the air, we provide solutions across the global network of passenger and freight transport