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Stock and Bespoke Adaptors for Events

Single and Three Phase Adapters from 13 Amp to 125 Amp and more

Essential Supplies have a range of adaptors in stock for use widely by professional power management applications, business solutions and domestic household use. 

We produce the following adapter types as standard:

We also produce solutions for 400A, either supplied as solid splitters or made from cable splitter adaptors, see our Powerlock range

We have multiway adapters that can split from 16 Amp or 32 Amp into 2 or 3 sockets. We can make step Up and Step Down Adaptors; for example, 63 Amp to 125 Amp. 

We can manufacture step-down adaptors with an in-line overload trip. These are normally called “Cable Protectors” and are commonly used to power catering trailers; yacht etc... 

We can make Phase Splitter Adapters to split 3 Phase to Single Phase - these are often used at events where single phase is required.

Our Adaptor options also include specialist components from Socapex, PowerCON. We can also make up special request, bespoke adaptors such as from IEC connectors or European plugs and sockets.

We can also make adaptors for PAT testing.

Soft Y 3 Phase Splitter



Featured Products
  1. 32A Plug to Twin 13A Waterproof IP54 socket
    32A 230v Plug to Twin 13A IP66 Waterproof Socket [Select Length]
    As low as £40.88 £34.07 As low as £0.00



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