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Power Distribution Components

Trips, Enclosures & Inspection Windows


At Essential Supplies, we offer a range of power distribution components, from trips and enclosures to inspection windows. Supplying only the highest quality products, our power distribution components are provided by leading manufacturers such as Doepke and Eaton. No matter your budget, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in our extensive range.

What Are Power Distribution Components?

We supply trips, enclosures and inspection windows within our range of power distribution components, the component itself referring to the electrical equipment that controls electrical power distribution, to an array of different types of equipment. We have trips, designed to help control power supply to avoid an overload of electricity, in a variety of sizes and styles with varying trip sensitivity. Trips work as a safety device, and will switch off automatically if there should be a fault of any kind to both protect wiring and prevent risk of electrocution. Alongside trips, we supply an extensive selection of enclosures – from rubber socket board enclosures to an enclosure with a lifting lid, each of our products are high-performing and durable, to stand the test of time. Likewise, browse our inspection windows for robust designs at a great price, available in an array of different sizes. 

When To Use Power Distribution Components

Strong and lightweight, our power distribution components can be transported with ease, making them ideal for use when travelling to and from busy venues and events. Popular for those in the music and event industry, many of our power distribution components are also ideal for commercial and domestic use where appropriate, and for general application where suitable. With safety being our number one priority, our products adhere to the latest UK, European and International Standards for both peace of mind and reliability. 

Explore Our Range Of Power Distribution Components 

Trips, enclosures and inspection windows are just some of the products available within our supply of power equipment. Check out our product pages for more information on our range of power distribution components, or alternatively, give our team a call on 01752 817 140 for assistance. 



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