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Three Phase Plugs & Sockets
  1. 16A Plugs & Sockets

    16A Plugs & Sockets

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  2. 32A Plugs & Sockets

    32A Plugs & Sockets

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  3. 63A Plugs & Sockets

    63A Plugs & Sockets

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  4. 125A Plugs & Sockets

    125A Plugs & Sockets

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  5. 16A Inlets & Outlets

    16A Inlets & Outlets

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  6. 32A Inlets & Outlets

    32A Inlets & Outlets

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  7. 63A Inlets & Outlets

    63A Inlets & Outlets

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  8. 125A Inlets & Outlets

    125A Inlets & Outlets

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Three Phase 400v Line & Panel Connectors

415 Volt Plugs, Sockets Inlets & Outlets from Leading Providers

We supply a wide range of three phase plugs and sockets within our selection of power products. From 16A three phase plugs and sockets up to 125A types, we also offer an array of inlets and outlets, too. If you’re unsure about which type of plug or socket you need, check out our plug and socket identifier to ensure you get the right product required. 

What Are Three Phase Plugs & Sockets?


Plugs and sockets are the apparatus used to make connections, allowing the transfer of electricity from one to another. Three phase (380 – 440 volts) plugs and sockets provide three line contacts, and can sometimes also include either (or both) a neutral and protective earth contact. 


A three phase power supply will ensure power is delivered at a constant and steady rate, making it ideal for multiple purposes. We have a variety of different three phase plugs and sockets available to suit a range of different requirements; the Mennekes 32A powertop extra plug, for instance, is a versatile item and is ideal for use with temporary power supplies, generators and marine power.  


When To Use Three Phase Plugs & Sockets 


Three phase plugs and sockets are heavy-duty in their design, which is why they’re such a popular choice for use in many industries. Industrial power connectors such as these are often used in the industrial trade for powering machinery, and more so in the entertainment sector for supplying power to generators and keeping temporary power supplies up and running – crucial for large-scale events such as weddings, festivals and outdoor concerts. 


Explore Our Range Of Three Phase Plugs & Sockets 

Take a look at our range of three phase plugs and sockets to discover the products we have to offer. If you’re unsure of the type of product you need, or want some more advice on the voltage required, see our plug and socket identification guide to help you. Alternatively, give our team a call today on 01752 817 140 and we’d be happy to advise you further.



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