Due to increased demand, our manufacturing lead times are currently extended. If your order is urgent, please check availability before placing an order. This applies to extension lead and distribution boards. 

Power Distribution Units
Power Distribution Units
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Event Power Distribution Units

Temporary Site Power Distribution Units and Boards

Essential Supplies manufacture a wide range of Portable Power Distribution products under the "Titan Power" brand name.

Titan Power stands for high-quality, sophisticated design and expert manufacturing of your power solutions. Components are cutting-edge technology and our professional team of technicians produce products using state-of-the-art machining and techniques. We make the following ranges of Power Distribution Enclosures:

We also provide distro componentscable components and protection.

As well as our comprehensive product range, we can manufacture any site power distribution board to any specification in-house as part of our Bespoke Power Distribution offering, exclusive to "Titan Power".

From 16A to 800A, with options such as water resistance to IP67, lifting points, variable RCDs, key switches, audible pre-trip warning, ammeters, Powerlock, 19" rack, flight cased and emergency lighting circuits etc.

We use only premium components from leading manufacturers of enclosures, electrical safety and wiring materials. Our suppliers include Mennekes, Doepke and Titanex, no other provider meet the quality and conditions needed to be a Titan Power.

When working on large-scale event projects, you need to ensure you are surrounded by durable reliable products. We guarantee your peace of mind because we know that, above all, they need to work without fail. That's why only Titan Power is made with superior technical knowledge and are fully tested before leaving our workshop.

We also manufacture the rubber extension cables for connecting to the power supply and appliances. They again use only high-quality components from Mennekes such as PowerTop Xtra Plugs and Sockets, 16 - 125A and Powerlock 480A Drain / Source connectors for high-power solutions.

Our customers come from a variety of industries including temporary events, theatres, film & TV, IT, marine and the construction industry. We supply to organisations in the UK and around the world.

Power Distribution for Construction



Why Titan Power?

"Titan Power" Portable Power Distribution Units are our premium quality, responsive and robust products built for professionals, by professionals. We provide cutting-edge technology and components from the leading industry manufacturers, for ultimate reliability and peace-of-mind. Titan Power units boast the very best feature designs that have real meaning to users.


Stackable Enclosures:
Our enclosures interlock together, whether horizontally or vertically, this unique, exclusive design feature ensures Power Distribution Units are stable and grounded.
Easy to Carry:
Thanks to the carry handles on 4 edges for up to V45 enclosures and 6 (2 midway) on V60 - V80 enclosures, our enclosures are far easier to carry, particularly the larger, heavier units, making these truly portable!
Easy to Carry

Flush Wall Recess with Inlets & Outlets:
The enclosure of a Titan Power has deep walls that protect sockets from accidentally being damaged by passing machinery. They can take a heavy impact, which prevents sockets from potential damage and exposure to a live current.
Flush Wall Recess for Sockets
Robust and Shockproof: 
Polyethylene enclosures really can take a beating. The hardened plastic outer shell can withstand a lot of pressure or sudden stress from being dropped.
Robust and Shockproof

Water Resistant Enclosure: 
Our enclosures are ready for a hard life. They're built to IP67 rating, ready for the outdoors. The rating means it can withstand moisture and, even more direct water spray, so it is safe to use when mated to power.
Rated to IP67
Metal frames with a single hook point: 
Makes for easy lifting. Some enclosures can weigh up to 100kg and so having a crane move power distribution enclosures in place is preferable with a Titan Power, thanks to the heavyweight metal frames and single point eyelet.
Single Hook Point

Temporary Event Power Solutions




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