Due to increased demand, our manufacturing lead times are currently extended. If your order is urgent, please check availability before placing an order. This applies to extension lead and distribution boards. 

Single Phase Plugs & Sockets
  1. 16A Plugs & Sockets

    16A Plugs & Sockets

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  2. 32A Plugs & Sockets

    32A Plugs & Sockets

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  3. 63A Plugs & Sockets

    63A Plugs & Sockets

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  4. 125A Plugs & Sockets

    125A Plugs & Sockets

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  5. 16A Inlets & Outlets

    16A Inlets & Outlets

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  6. 32A Inlets & Outlets

    32A Inlets & Outlets

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  7. 63A Inlets & Outlets

    63A Inlets & Outlets

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  8. 125A Inlets & Outlets

    125A Inlets & Outlets

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Single Phase Line & Panel Connectors

230 Volt Plugs, Sockets Inlets & Outlets from Leading Providers

(If you need Three Phase, click here)

Essential Supplies keep in stock for next day delivery one of the largest ranges of single phase plugs and sockets in the UK

Our 230v  singe phase are made by PCE and Mennekes. the plugs and sockets are perfect for your event indoor or outdoor. We have IP44 or IP67 options avaiable.

Are your Commando Plugs and Sockets in Stock?

  • Yes we hold 1000s here ready for next day delivery on plugs and sockets

What brands of Plug and Socket do you stock?

  • PCE
  • Mennekes
  • Walther
  • Permaplug
  • Duraplug

    How to work out what sort of Commando plug or socket you have 

    Confused about which plug or socket you need? Well look no further because Essential Supplies has you covered. This page will help you identify exactly what plug or socket you have. Is it single or 3 phase? Is it 4 or 5 pin? is it 32 amp or 63 amp?

    All of your questions are answered in one easy to follow page: https://www.essentialsupplies.co.uk/blog/plug-socket-identification-tool/


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