Due to increased demand, our manufacturing lead times are currently extended. If your order is urgent, please check availability before placing an order. This applies to extension lead and distribution boards. 

10A - 20A Assorted Plugs & Sockets
  1. 13A Plugs & Sockets

    13A Plugs & Sockets

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  2. 10A Plugs & Sockets

    10A Plugs & Sockets

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  3. 10A IEC

    10A IEC

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  4. 15A Plugs & Sockets

    15A Plugs & Sockets

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  5. 16A IEC

    16A IEC

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  6. PowerCON By Neutrik

    PowerCON By Neutrik

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Assorted 10 - 20A Plugs & Sockets


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