European Plugs & Sockets

Austrian/German Standard or French/Belgian - 16a/250v

We stock a variety of European plugs and sockets within our range of power products, including a range of multiple volts both Austrian/German standard or French/Belgian standard. Travelling for an event last minute? Our selection of plugs and sockets for European countries mean you can guarantee a power supply no matter where you are.

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  1. Black 16 Amp F Type Schuko Plug, 240 Volts by Mennekes UK
    Mennekes 16A Plug 240V IP44 Dual Earth Types E & F Schuko 10754
    • Made by Mennekes
    • 2 Pin IP44
    Lead time:
    1 - 2 Days
    £15.83 £13.19
  2. Austrian/German EU Schuko Four Way Socketboard, Unwired
    4 Way EU Schuko Socketboard
    £11.40 £9.50
  3. German Schuko EU 16Amp Socket, 250Volts, 3 Pin
    16a 250v European Schuko Socket Type F Germany
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £7.44 £6.20
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What Are European Plugs & Sockets?

Power outlets are designed and manufactured in different shapes and structures in different locations around the world, and Europe is no different. Both voltages and sockets are different in Europe compared to the UK, meaning a different type of plug or socket is required when using electronics. Our range of plugs and sockets are available in a variety of sizes, volts, colours, amps and poles, so that you can find the right type to suit your needs. 

When To Use European Plugs & Sockets 

Our range of European plugs and sockets are ideal for both charging and powering a range of electrical power supplies, such as lighting, sound systems, control systems and more. Whether you are in the construction industry or the wedding industry, locations and destinations for such businesses can rapidly alter within short time frames, which is when having plugs and sockets suitable for European power supplies can be extremely useful and cost-effective. Not just convenient for travelling, our range of European plugs and sockets are handy to have when using European electricals in your own home or workspace. 

Explore Our Range of European Plugs & Sockets

Whether you’re in need of a four-way socket board or an F-type Schuko plug, we have a variety of products to choose from to make sure you’re fully equipped no matter the job at hand. If you’re unsure of the plug or socket you require, see our product pages for more help on the countries that will be compatible for use, as well as additional information regarding the size and power of the plugs. Check out our range of European plugs and sockets today, or if you’d like to speak to us, call us on 01752 817 140 and we’d be happy to help you further. 



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