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High Bay Flood Lights


High Bay Flood Lights for Temporary Structures

Also Ideal for Warehouse Lighting

We supply a range of lighting for temporary structures and warehouses. We have a range of high performance LED dimmable High Bay lighting for factories and warehouses. We can manufacture all these lights to your wiring specification, adding 16 amp plugs ad sockets or 16 amp T-Line adaptors. We also supply industrial light switches for this range. 

Essential Supplies offer a great range of lighting and power solutions for temporary warehousing, portable buildings, site accommodation, construction sites, interim healthcare facilities, hospitals and emergency care buildings.


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  1. Waterproof Lightswitch wired 16A In & OUT
    Waterproof Lightswitch wired 16A In & OUT
    • Switch for Lighting/Heaters ;
    • Waterproof to IP44
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £34.18 £28.48
  2. Springbok Lite LED High Bay Light 150W 4000k IP65 by Collingwood (HBL2N)
    LED High Bay Light 150W 4000k IP65 by Collingwood HBL2N
    • Plug Fit Option
    • IP65 Waterproof
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £153.30 £127.75
  3. High Bay 150W LED (HBL2N) with 16A T Connector and Chain
    High Bay 150W LED with 16A T Connector and Chain by Collingwood HBL2N
    • Wired 16A in and Out
    • IP44 Outdoor
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £211.33 £176.11
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What Are High Bay Flood Lights?

While flood lights are very intense, bright and broad-beamed lights often used to light up outdoor sporting venues such as football pitches and playing fields due to their brightness, high bay lights are lights that are used to illuminate venues and spaces that have ceilings that are higher than 20ft from the floor (hence the name, high bay). Lights such as these contain specially engineered reflectors to ensure they’re still efficient from such a height. We have a number of these lighting solutions available, such as the warehouse high bay LED light with a 110 degree beam angle for mounting at all heights and positions. Durable and long-lasting, the warehouse high bay light offers a remarkable 50,000 hours of lamp life, providing an extremely low maintenance, energy saving lighting solution.   

When To Use High Bay Flood Lights  

Typically, lights such as high bay flood lights are used for temporary structures such as retail installations, temporary structures and buildings, factories and warehouses. The lighting may also be utilised by various other venues and locations including portable buildings, site accommodation, construction sites, emergency care buildings and interim healthcare facilities. High bay flood lights are a great option for providing intense, bright light to spaces that otherwise lack clear lighting systems.  

Explore Our Range Of High Bay Flood Lights 

See our range of high bay flood lights today, alongside our other utility and warehouse and lighting products. If you’re struggling to find the right lighting solution to match your needs, call our friendly team today on 01752 817 140 and we can help you find the right product to suit your requirements. If you’ve any questions about our delivery options, take a look at our delivery rates page where you’ll find all the details and information needed, including details on our next-day delivery service.  



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