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  1. Festoon Lighting for the D-Day 80 Memorial Provided by Essential Supplies

    Festoon Lighting and Lamps Provided by Essential Supplies

    June 07, 2024

    Honouring the 80th Anniversary of D-Day.

    We are deeply honoured to have been part of commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day by supplying the festoon lighting at the Bayeux War Cemetery.

  2. Essential Supplies Rewind Blog Image

    Essential Supplies Rewind 2023

    January 10, 2024
    News Articles, Blog

    To kick this year off, we're taking a look at some of the Highlights of 2023 while we warm up to an exciting 2024!

    Read on for a recap of our staff changes, a look back at some of our most notable events and achievements and grab a sneak peek at what's to come later this year...

  3. Lifos Fort PV - Now Available

    Lifos Fort - Making Sustainable Energy Storage More Accessible

    December 19, 2023
    New Product Launch, Blog

    The Lifos Fort is a UK designed and built lithium storage system. With zero emissions and silent running, it is easily transported, deployed and connected to power equipment, plant and infrastructure where either dependable grid power is not available.

  4. 125 Amp Monitoring Distro

    Introducing the Titan Monitoring Distro

    October 16, 2023
    New Product Launch, Blog

    Our Titan Power Monitoring Distros are an advanced Power Distribution Board. What sets them apart from our core range of Power Distribution Boards is its integration with Cloud Based remote Metering and Control Software that records and stores data through Ethernet, 4G or WiFi.

  5. Iscoyd Park

    Illuminating Iscoyd Park: A Transformational Lighting Project by Essential Supplies

    August 30, 2023
    Case Studies, Blog

    Iscoyd Park, with its highly-rated reputation for hosting weddings, parties, and celebrations boasts a permanently attached marquee that serves as a canvas for many a memorable event. Essential Supplies were invited to elevate this space, designing and installing a state-of-the-art lighting system that could be operated with ease by any member of the venue's staff.

  6. Mains Adaptors with Protection

    Safety first… mains adaptors

    August 18, 2023
    When it comes to Mains Adaptors we have had some shocking requests. Knowing how dangerous electricity can be, we thought it would be a good opportunity to get our in-house technical experts to give you a quick safety brief.
  7. AMF Panel (Automatic Mains Fail Panels)

    AMF Panel (Automatic Mains Fail Panels)

    July 18, 2023

    What is an AMF Panel?

    An AMF Panel is an electrical control panel that monitors the mains supply and can automatically switch to an alternative supply should the prime mains supply faulter or fail.

  8. Derriford Hospital Building Lighting

    Enhancing the Exterior Ambiance of Plymouth Derriford Hospital: With BT Chroma 800 RGBL

    June 15, 2023

    Plymouth Derriford Hospital recently undergone a makeover with a new, colourful lighting design thanks to Essential Supplies. Learn more about his illumination project.

  9. Titan Power - Powering The Best

    Titan Power - Powering The Best

    June 12, 2023

    Titan Power, a leading supplier of temporary power solutions is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website, showcasing a brand new look that reflects our commitment to innovation and excellence.

  10. hendrick motorsports station

    Essential Supplies and Greaves 3D providing power at Le Mans

    June 05, 2023

    The world of motorsports is synonymous with adrenaline, speed and precision, when it comes to a legendary event like the 24 hour Le Mans race, every detail matters.

  11. Project EV Charging

    A Whistlestop Guide to EV Charging

    May 24, 2023
    How-to Articles, New Product Launch, Blog

    Looking for some advice on Electric Vehicle chargers. If you're new to the world of EV and have questions about the different types, adaptors, technology, we can answer a few of these in this quick-and-easy read.

  12. core lighting uplighters

    Light up your next event with Essential Supplies range of outside IP rated lighting.

    May 09, 2023

    Let's create a memorable night with our eye-catching outdoor lights that will have everyone in awe! We’ve got everything to help, our durable products are designed to handle all kinds of weather, from rain to snow and everything in between.