HQI Lamps 150W for Flood Lights

Hydrargyrum Quartz lodidel Lamps

Within our range of lighting products are our 150W HQI lamps for flood lights. Available in both clear and blue, flood lights are ideal for lighting large surface areas, which is why they’re such a popular choice for the event industry. Our variety of 150W HQI lamps are high-quality and versatile in their use.

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What Are 150W HQI Lamps For Flood Lights 

HQI lamps stands for Hydrargyrum Quartz Iodide lamps, which operate under high pressure and heat. The lamps have a high luminous efficiency which is what makes them so ideal for use as flood lights – named as such due to the way they flood an area with intense light. Floodlights are popular within many industries such as the construction trade and the events sector, due to the way they illuminate large surface areas effortlessly, making them popular for utilising as security measures, too.  

When To Use 150W HQI Lamps For Flood Lights 

Though many people associate flood lights with large sport’s pitches, flood lights of this size are commonly used in the retail sector, lighting shop windows and highlighting products on sale and display. 150W HQI lamps for floodlights can also be used in museums and galleries to display artefacts and paintings as well as in open-plan offices where a good lighting system is key to worker’s productivity. Suitable for both exterior and interior use, 150W HQI lamps for floodlights can be used for both commercial and domestic use.  

Explore Our Range Of 150W HQI Lamps For Flood Lights

Take a look at our selection of 150W HQI lamps for flood lights, and use the product information details to choose the right type to suit your needs. If you need a product at short-notice, see our delivery rates page for more information on our delivery options, with many products available for next-day shipping. If you need any further assistance or would like to ask any questions, call a member of our team today on 01752 817 140.  



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