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Exhibition Lighting

Off-the-Shelf and Bespoke Exhibition Lighting Specialist

Our range of exhibition lighting is the perfect choice for illuminating stands, stalls and displays, to ensure your visitors and attendees can clearly see the messaging. Exhibition lighting is designed to make a space look more appealing and inviting and highlight the marketing message and branding of exhibitors. 


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  1. Exhibition White 21W Display Arm Light Cool White
    Exhibition White 21W Display Arm Light Cool White
    • LED 21W Long Arm
    • Cold White
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £130.98 £109.15
    Exhibition Black 21W Display Arm Light Cool White
    • LED 21W Long Arm
    • Cold White
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £130.98 £109.15
  3. Exhibition Stand Medium Clamp Back
    Exhibition Stand Medium Clamp
    • 30mm Clamp
    • Fits Display Arm Light
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £15.54 £12.95
  4. Exhibition Stand Screw on Clamp
    Exhibition Stand Screw on Clamp
    • Stand Screw on Clamp
    • Fits Arm Lights
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £6.72 £5.60
  5. Exhibition Stand Shell Scheme Clamp
    Exhibition Stand Shell Scheme Clamp
    • Shell Scheme Clamp
    • Fits Display Arm Lights
    Lead time:
    2 - 3 Days
    £4.60 £3.83
  6. Battery Table Downlighter 18W
    Battery Table Downlighter 18W
    £385.76 £321.47
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What is exhibition lighting?

Exhibition lighting comes in various forms, from spotlights for targeted illumination to LED batten lights that add a wash of colour to walls and stages, and flexible strip lights that are convenient and versatile. Whatever mood you’re striving for, whether bright and engaging or ambient and atmospheric, lighting is the ideal way to achieve the right mood for your guests. Exhibitions are an important investment into marketing products, businesses and services, so you want to send the right impression. Lighting is essential to making sure that your marketing efforts stand out and are showcased in the right way to potential customers. 

When to use exhibition lighting

There are several ways to use exhibition lighting, from spotlights for stage speakers and talks to colourful lighting that adds fun and creativity to the events. Arm lights, flood lights and batten lighting can all be used to illuminate a wider area, depending on the size of the venue, while strip lights can be used to jazz up stalls and stand for a more eye-catching display. Whether you’re putting on an industry-wide conference, a local exhibition or marketing a new product with a launch event, exhibition lighting ensures it captures the right audience in the ideal way. 

Explore our range of exhibition lighting

Whether you’re in need of wired lights for stands located close to electrical outlets or wireless solutions for more versatility, we stock a fantastic range of lights to choose from. From spotlights and stage lighting for conference talks to batten lights that illuminate walkways or place focus on certain areas of the venue, exhibition lighting comes in a range of colours, sizes and styles, so the only limit is your creativity. We stock a great range of energy-efficient LED lights, as well as accessories such as fixing clamps and long arms so you can create a bespoke set-up based on your venue and the schedule of events.



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