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Cable Accessories

Cable Glands, Crossings, Joiners & More

Lighting, audio and power equipment all have one thing in common – a lot of cables. Our range of cable accessories provide everything you’ll need to ensure your cables and wires are protected, concealed and kept safe, no matter how busy an event or venue you’re working in. From cable joiners to cable glands, here’s all the cable accessories and fixings you’ll need in one convenient place.

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  1. 16A Plug & Socket Cable Connector set - Waterproof IP68
    16A Plug & Socket Cable Joiner set - Waterproof IP68
    • 16A Mini Joiner
    • Indoor and Outdoor use
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What Are Cable Crossings & Cable Covers 


Cable crossing and cable covers are fixtures manufactured to conceal cables and wires and to prevent them being tripped over, driven over or stepped on. Not just created for cables, the crossings and covers can sometimes be made for pipes and hoses too, for the same reason. Cable crossings, such as the showgear cable crossing, are a ramp-like fixture with spaces underneath to hold cables and wires, concealing them against damage and hazards. Cable crossings are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on the cables you need concealing, for instance the five channel cable ramp corner allows the cables to turn without bending them and potentially destroying them. Cable corners are often highly visible, with bright colours to make them more noticeable. Cable covers work in the same way, like our rubber matting cable cover, designed with a slip-resistance surface for cable concealment.   


When To Use Cable Crossings & Cable Covers 


Cable crossings and cable covers are most commonly used in the events industry in walkways, when there is so much foot traffic surrounding electrical equipment. The safety of customers, guests and workers is crucial in any sector, which is why cable crossings and covers are so versatile and useful. Durable and hard-wearing, cable crossings and cable covers not only help prevent trips and accidents, but they also protect the cables themselves, preventing the equipment getting stepped on and causing abrasions and damage to the wires. Cable covers can also help protect the wires from contact with other pieces of equipment and different temperatures, providing a barrier between the cables and heat-producing equipment or cold surfaces.   


Explore Our Range Of Cable Crossings & Cable Covers 

Protect your electrical equipment and prevent the chances of hazards occurring with our range of cable crossings and cable covers. For more information on our products, take a look at our range of cable accessories, or if you’d like to speak to our team, call us today on 01752 817 140.



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