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Low Voltage Plugs & Sockets

24V - 42V Plugs & Sockets

Located within our range of power supplies is our wide selection of low voltage plugs and sockets to choose from. Available in a range of different colours, IP ratings and phases, our variety of low voltage plugs and sockets will ensure you can obtain durable and easy to use supplies no matter the venue or location you’re working. 

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  1. 16a 2 pin plug
    PCE 16A Plug 2 pin 24v 062
    £8.35 £6.96
  2. 16a coupler 2 pin
    PCE 16A Socket 2Pin 24v 262
    £12.74 £10.62
  3. 16a 3 pin plug
    PCE 16A Plug 3 Pin 24v 063
    £8.81 £7.34
  4. 16a 3 pin coupler socket
    PCE 16A Socket 3 Pin 24v 263
    £10.68 £8.90
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What Are Low Voltage Plugs & Sockets?

Low voltage plugs and sockets are connectors that supply a lower current for, often, smaller connections, such as for low-powered applications found within lighting systems, heating applications and appliances used within the theatre industry. Low voltage plugs and sockets refer to voltages within the 24V to 42V mark, such as the PCE 16A socket 3 pin or the PCE plug 2 pin available in white. If you find you’re confused or unsure about which plug or socket it is you need, our helpful socket identification guide will give you all the information you require. With details on plugs and sockets, phases, colour codes and much more, we have all the answers to your frequently asked questions in one convenient place.    

When To Use Low Voltage Plugs & Sockets 

Low voltage plugs and sockets can be utilised in multiple ways both commercially and domestically, however a sector that really benefits from their use is the theatre and entertainment industry. Low voltage plugs and sockets such as these are ideal for use in powering lighting and audio systems – both of which are crucial at venues such as weddings, stage performances and productions, outdoor events and festivals. Whatever the location, we have the product that’s right for you. 

Explore Our Range Of Low Voltage Plugs & Sockets 

Take a look at not just our low voltage plugs and sockets, but the other plugs and sockets ranges available at Essential Supplies. Remember to use our handy guide to identify sockets and plugs if you need help, or, if you have any questions or need further assistance, call us today on 01752 817 140 and our team will be happy to help you. If it’s delivery information you’re in need of, see our delivery rates page for details on the delivery options we have available.



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