Due to increased demand, our manufacturing lead times are currently extended. If your order is urgent, please check availability before placing an order. This applies to extension lead and distribution boards. 

Wires & Ropes
  1. Wire Rope

    Wire Rope

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  2. Safety Wires & Steels

    Safety Wires & Steels

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  3. Gripple & Wire Fixings

    Gripple & Wire Fixings

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  4. Shackles & Hooks

    Shackles & Hooks

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  5. Ropes


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  6. Pulleys


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  7. Chain


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  8. Bungee Cords

    Bungee Cords

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Wires and Ropes 

Our wide selection of wires and ropes cater to every need, from safety wires to pulleys and bungee cords. From containing multiple items into one easy to manage object to keeping the shape of the load when lifting items, or ensuring ultimate safety for the people working on set, our range of rigging wires and ropes are an essential item for any show, production or event. 


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