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Cable Glands

Part of the cable accessories product range is our variety of cable glands. Ideal for those working with audio, lighting or power equipment, cable glands are extremely useful supplies to have on hand when working busy events and venues – with the convenient products helping to protect cables and keep them in top notch condition for as long as possible.

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  1. Plastic Gland 20mm
    Cable Gland 20mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 2.5mm 3 & 5 Core
    • 15mm Thread Length
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £0.89 £0.74
  2. Plastic Gland 25mm
    Cable Gland 25mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 6mm 3 Core
    • 15mm Thread Length
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £1.01 £0.84
  3. Plastic Gland 32mm
    Cable Gland 32mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 6mm 5 Core & 16mm 3 Core
    • 17.7mm Thread Length
    £1.90 £1.58
  4. Plastic Gland 40mm
    Cable Gland 40mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 16mm 5 Core & 35mm 3 Core
    • 17.7mm Thread Length
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £4.30 £3.58
  5. Plastic Gland 50mm
    Cable Gland 50mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 35mm 5 Core
    • 18.5mm Thread Length
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £9.46 £7.88
  6. Plastic Gland 63mm
    Cable Gland 63mm Long Thread with Nut
    • Fits Cable 50mm 5 Core
    • 18.5mm Thread Length
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £12.77 £10.64
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What Are Cable Glands?

Cable glands work as sealing devices, designed and manufactured to both attach and secure the end of electrical cables to equipment. The products help to protect electrical equipment from environmental risks such as moisture, dust and debris by sealing the outer cable sheath to result in complete enclosure. Our 20mm long threaded dome-topped cable gland with locknut, for instance, has a clamp design that ensures maximum strain relief to the cable, with the design of the torque created to produce a water-tight and gas-tight seal to protect the cable. This cable gland has the ability to be sealed tightly to any enclosure face without requiring a separate sealing face washer.    

When To Use Cable Glands 

Our selection of cable glands are for utilising whenever cables require protection. This may be necessary for many working within the events and entertainment sector, with equipment such as power plugs and sockets, lighting systems and audio control decks and consoles all containing cables that need looking after. We have cable glands available in a variety of thread lengths to suit a range of cable diameters – so whatever it is you’re looking for; we can help you find it. 

Explore Our Range Of Cable Glands 

Check out our range of power supplies to see more products accompanying our cable glands. If you need help identifying the right sized cable gland to suit your needs, or have any questions about our products, call our team today on 01752 817 140 and we can assist you. If it’s next-day delivery you’re in need of, take a look at our delivery rates page where you’ll find information on all of our delivery options.



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