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At Essential Supplies, we stock a great selection of audio equipment, including state of the art media players from recognised brands that ensure the best quality sound. Media players make music accessible and deliver high-end sound quality that can be used anywhere from schools and universities to community centres and live productions, restaurants and bars to set an ambiance or other commercial settings. 

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    Media Player / Operator by ADJ
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What Are Media players?

Media players are an essential piece of equipment for music lovers, and they form an integral part of any audio system to allow you to play MP3 music and CDs, as well as sound clips on USBs. A professional media player gives you the latest in audio content playback solutions, from wireless and solid state technology, and can be used for a wide variety of installations. They can be used with amplifiers and speakers or headphones for silent monitoring and confirmation that everything is working as it should, depending on the setting. 

When To Use media players

Media players can be used in a wide variety of settings and environments, from schools and educational facilities to playback music and sounds for learning, to theatre productions for sound effects and live music for backing tracks. In the entertainment industry, there are so many applications where media players can be a great benefit, but amateurs can also enjoy this equipment to enhance their music playback or for use in community centres and amateur stage shows. Media players are designed for permanent installations where you need easier control of music, whether that’s a gym, a retail store or a wedding venue. 

Explore Our Range Of media players

At Essential Supplies, we provide a host of audio accessories to elevate your sound system, from cases and media players to DI boxes. Whether you have questions about the media players we stock or you’d like advice about any of the products we sell, why not contact a member of our team today and they’d be happy to help you find the ideal product for your needs. We offer a great range of cost-effective sound, lighting and events equipment, all at competitive prices as well as speedy delivery. 



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