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Off-the-Shelf & Bespoke Duratruss Truss Systems

Exhibition Truss System

Bespoke Truss System

What is Duratruss

Duratrus is a range of interconnectable metal truss scaffolding used at festivals and exhibition to build a stage or show. We provide an assortment of lengths, corners, base plates and more.

Ranges are available in three styles.  Ladder, Triangular and Quad. The three types, while similar in their componenets, offer different technical abilties. The Ladder offers a slim, almost streamlined set-up while the Triangular and Quad are made stronger and can handle greater weight. 

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When to use Duratruss

Our Duratruss range of components and fixtures are ideal for basic or medium set-ups, thanks to their interconnectability. They are easy to transport and even easier to assemble. The egg and pin combination slots between pieces and are hammered into place with a copper head hammer.

Why choose Duratruss systems for your event

Because Duratruss is made with many interconnectable pieces, they are easy to create and can be built in a short space of time. You can also add on pieces later making them futureproof for your next exhibition.

For a bespoke Duratruss truss system or exhibition truss contact one of our experts on 01752 817 140 or email [email protected]



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