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Laser and Strobe Lights for out-of-this-world effects

Laser Beam Light Effects

Stunning to look at and oh so fun, our laser and strobe lights are one of the many product ranges within our selection of disco and effects supplies. Whatever the celebration, our laser and strobe lighting solutions will ensure the party is started in style, creating out of this world visuals for your guests to enjoy.

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    ADJ Startec Boom Box FX2 - 4 in 1 Coloured Disco Effect Lightshow
    • 4-FX-IN-1 ADJ Boom Box FX
    • Multi-coloured RGB+
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £320.76 £267.30
  2. Showtec Galactic 180mW Coloured Laser Effect Lightshow
    Showtec Galactic 180mW Coloured Laser Effect Lightshow
    • 180mW Laser RB & Purple
    • IR Remote
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £201.38 £167.82
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What Are Laser and Strobe Lights?

Both laser and strobe lights are two of the most popular lighting options available as a result of the beautiful and mesmerising effects they produce. While lasers create a very thin, narrow and bright beam of light, strobe lights (similar in appearance) often produce regular flashes of sharp and narrow light, often used to give the illusion of slow motion.

Both laser and strobe lights can be used for both commercial and domestic use, being a popular choice at raves, nightclubs and birthday parties. We have both high-end, professional lighting systems available as well as more budget-friendly lighting solutions to choose from.

Take a look at the ADJ multi-coloured disco effect beam lighting system – an innovative piece of equipment that contains 36 lenses activated through sophisticated programming. This lighting projects multi-coloured light beams in a variety of different patterns and effects onto the dancefloor, the ceiling and everywhere in between!  

When To Use Laser and Strobe Lights

Laser and strobe lights create stunning effects that can be used for a wide range of events. While the lighting systems can be used to create an epic party in your very own home, both laser and strobe lights are popular for use within the events and entertainment industry for occasions such as wedding receptions, club nights, outdoor festivals and venues, marquees, birthday parties and more. 

Explore Our Range Of Laser and Strobe Lights 

For a night to remember, check out the range of laser and strobe lights we have available and make your event truly shine. If you have any questions about our products or need advice on finding the right lighting solution for you, call our team today on 01752 817 140 and we can provide you with assistance.



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