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Socapex Adaptors


Specialist Socapex 19 Pin Adaptors for Professional Use

Multi-Adaptors with Moulded Socapex Connections, ask for details

We offer a range of specialist Socapex adaptors for professional use, in a variety of plug types and cable sizes. Here at Essential Supplies, we have an extensive selection of products to choose from, with our power range providing everything you’ll need while working within the events and entertainment sector

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  1. socapex spider 19 pin female to 16a plugs
    Spider Socapex Break Out 19 pin Female to 6 x 16a Plugs
    • Socapex 19pin Socket
    • 6x 16A 3P Plugs
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £173.38 £144.48
  2. Socapex spider 19 pin Male to 6 x 16a sockets
    Spider Socapex Break Out 19 pin Male to 6 x 16a Sockets
    • Socapex 19pin Plug
    • 6x 16A 3P Sockets
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £173.38 £144.48
  3. Spider Socapex Break Out Male to Powercon Blue
    Spider Socapex Break Out Male to Powercon Blue
    • Socapex 19pin Plug
    • 6x PowerCON Connectors
    Lead time:
    2-3 Days


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  4. Socapex Break Out with 6 x 16A Black Sockets side
    Socapex Break Out with 6 x 16A Black Sockets
    • Sockets 6 x 16A
    • Socapex Break-Out
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £302.94 £252.45
  5. Socapex Link Through Break Out to 6 x 16A Sockets Front Angle
    Socapex Link Through Break Out to 6 x 16A Sockets
    • Sockets 6 x 16A
    • Socapex wired In & Out
    Lead time:
    Next Day
    £368.28 £306.90
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What Are Socapex Adaptors?


Socapex is a reliable and much-loved brand within the industry, manufacturing durable and high-functioning electrical connectors and adaptors. So well known, similar multi-cable conductors and assemblies that aren’t of the Socapex brand are often called as such, due to the familiarity of the appliances.


Socapex multicables carry six circuits of lighting power within one cable, creating a convenient and accessible alternative to requiring six individual runs of cables. We provide a range of Socapex adaptors within our product range, including 1.5mm and 2.5mm cable sizes; so whether you’re in need of a Socapex adaptor box to 16A sockets or the Spider Socapex breakout 19-pin plugs, we’ve got you covered – Socapex break out boxes are used to separate multiple channels into sockets.     


When To Use Socapex Adaptors


Socapex adaptors are designed for professional use, generally used within the entertainment and event industries. The products have been commonly utilised in film and TV productions worldwide, but are often used in event venues for supporting stage lighting systems where power circuits are intended to be required for longer periods of time. The adaptors are versatile in their design, suitable for being placed on the floor or suspended from rigs, making them ideal for use in busy event and entertainment industries. 


Explore Our Range Of Socapex Adaptors 


Check out our range of Socapex adaptors for more information, or take a look at our power product selection for more innovative and durable designs – whatever supply you’re looking for, we’ll have the ideal solution to help. If you have any questions about our products or would like to speak to a member of our team for advice, call us today on 01752 817 140 and we’d be happy to assist you further.  



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