Cable Carrier & Storage Boxes

Professional cables and wires can not only be hard to source but they can be expensive, too, which is why ensuring you have the right storage for them is crucial in protecting both your possessions and your money. Within our range of cable accessories is our cable carrier and storage boxes selection to ensure your cables are kept as good as new for as long as possible. 

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  1. Bespoke Stillage - Aluminum Stacking Cable Carrier
    Bespoke Stillage - Aluminum Stacking Cable Carrier
    • Heavy Duty Cable Carrier
    • Made to Order with Own Logo
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What Are Cable Carrier & Storage Boxes?

Cable carriers and storage boxes are containers that help not only transport your cables from venue to venue, but also help keep them clean and in their very best condition. Our boxes are durable and sturdy, ensuring cables and other pieces of equipment can remain organised and tidy.

Our bespoke stillage aluminium stacking cable carrier is made from durable, hard-wearing aluminium for strength and resilience, enabling it to carry heavy, industrial cables. With stillage feet that interlock to provide a stable stacking system, the storage box can be made to order with your company’s logo, making the carriers unique and personalised to your brand.       

When To Use Cable Carrier & Storage Boxes

While some venues enable you to keep your equipment clean and tidy, others aren’t as hygienic – from outdoor, muddy fields to sticky nightclub floors, there are a lot of opportunities for your belongings to get damaged while working an event. Our cable carrier and storage boxes can provide you with a clean space to keep your cables neat when both travelling to and from each event and while getting set up, so that your equipment is kept in working order.   

Explore Our Range Of Cable Carrier & Storage Boxes 

Check out our range of cable carrier and storage boxes today to create your bespoke storage solution with your business’s branding proudly displayed. If you have any questions about this service or would like more information on our products, call the Essential Supplies team today on 01752 817 140 and we’d be happy to discuss this with you further. If you require any of our products at short-notice, please take a look at our delivery rates page where you’ll find information on our delivery options and next-day delivery timings.



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