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XLR Cables

At Essential Supplies, we offer a wide range of XLR cables for audio products to enhance your recording sessions. With a variety of sizes and options to choose from, our XLR cables ensure a professional result for all types of sound system and applications. 

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  1. 1m Budget XLR Microphone Cable
    Budget XLR Microphone Cable
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  2. Professional Microphone Cable with Neutrik Plugs
    Professional Microphone Cable with Neutrik Plugs
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What Are XLR cables?

XLR cables are used in a host of different audio applications, from professional recording sessions to live concerts and gigs. They have three pins and a circular connector which delivers a more balanced signal over longer distances. An XLR cable can be considered a microphone cable which is used to produce an audio signal which has less unwanted noise from outside electrical interference, such as from neighbouring electronic devices. 

When two balanced audio devices are connected, our XLR cables provide you with a positive audio signal, a negative audio signal and a ground signal, so that if interference is encountered, it will enter both the positive and negative signals to cancel it out. This means that the sound which you hear is cleaner and truer to the original sound. 

When To Use XLR cables

XLR cables can be used in a variety of applications, from DJ kits and microphone and receiver kits to audio technology for events such as gigs, wedding speeches or talent competitions. Whether you’re setting up sound equipment for a commercial event or personal use, XLR cables offer a higher quality sound for use within the entertainment and theatre industries, private functions and festivals, stage productions and so much more. 

Explore Our Range Of XLR cables

We offer a great range of audio solutions to suit different projects, from live music to recording needs and sound systems, all at affordable prices and impeccable quality. If you’re looking for XLR cables, whatever the size or requirement, we offer a host of options with various delivery solutions to meet your shipping needs. Need advice? Call our team today on 01752 817 140 and we would be delighted to help you. 



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