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Batten LED Bars


LED Batten Lights

Wash an Entire Wall with Colour

LED battens are the perfect solution if you’re in need of bright, clean lighting that illuminates a broad area. These tubular overhead strip lights are lightweight, easy to operate and provide an energy-efficient solution to your lighting needs. Great for industrial and commercial settings, they are affordable and can be installed in a wide range of settings. 

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  1. ADJ 15 HEX Bar IP65
    ADJ 15 Hex Bar IP65
    • 15 x 12W HEX LEDs - RGBAW+UV
    • IP65 Rated
    Lead time:
    2 Weeks
    £790.02 £658.35
  2. Encore LB15 IP
    ADJ Encore LB15 IP65
    • 15 x 20-Watt Quad RGBL LED's
    • IP65 Rated
    Lead time:
    2 Weeks
    £1,027.62 £856.35
  3. Jolt Bar FX RGB SMD LEDs Batten 11 DMX 116 degree beam by ADJ
    Jolt FX Bar 672 RGB SMD LEDs Batten 11 DMX 116 degree beam by ADJ
    • 672 RGB+ SMD LEDs
    • Lighting FX by ADJ
    Lead time:
    2 Weeks
    £722.70 £602.25
  4. Ultra HEX Batten 12 x 10w
    Ultra HEX Batten 12 x 10w
    • 12 RGBAW+UV HEX-LEDs
    • 5 DMX Channel Modes
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £354.00 £295.00
    • 5 X 4W Colourstrip 
    • Indoor - RGBA LEDs
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £196.02 £163.35
  6. 0.5M Lighting Batten UB 6H
    ADJ 0.5M Lighting Batten UB 6H
    • 6 X 20W Colourstrip 
    • Indoor - RGBA+Lime+UV
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £235.62 £196.35
  7. ADJ UB 9H1M Lighting Batten 9 x 6w RGBWA+UV
    ADJ UB 9H1M Lighting Batten 9 x 6w RGBWA+UV
    • 9 X 6W Colourstrip
    • Indoor - RGBWA + UV
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £265.32 £221.10
  8. ADJ UB 12H 1M Batten 12 x 6W RGBWA + UV
    ADJ UB 12H 1M Batten 12 x20W RGBA+Lime+UV
    • 12 X 20W Colourstrip
    • Indoor - RGBA+Lime+UV
    Lead time:
    3 - 5 Days
    £354.42 £295.35
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What are LED battens?

LED batten lights are a popular alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting, providing the same bright light but with a longer lifespan. The LED bulbs used in batten lights means there’s minimal maintenance required and they won’t use as much energy which keeps utility costs down – a great perk for businesses and event managers. LED also is a greener option that lowers the carbon footprint of your premises and events. LED batten lights deliver consistent illumination without flickering or interruption, and they instantly work without needing to heat up before light is produced like their traditional counterparts. 

When to use LED battens

LED battens are perfect for use in live music shows, theatre and stage productions, and for discos, clubs and public events. They are also ideal for creative retail displays, for exhibition events and conference sites to really make a statement with your event and wow your attendees. Available in a host of colours, they’re the ideal way to create ambiance and creative atmosphere to a venue. From weddings and parties where you want to create a fun atmosphere for your guests to impactful entertainment shows such as comedy gigs and musical acts, LED batten lights can be used creatively in numerous ways. 

Explore our range of LED battens

At Essential Supplies, we offer a great selection of LED batten lights that are high quality, long-lasting and reliable. From our professional grade indoor lighting that delivers chromatic 40-degree beam lighting that can be used to create washes of bright colour for stages, walls and dancefloors, to our colourstrip batten lights that feature a powerful LED projector for fantastic output and colour mixing, we have solutions for all environments. We also stock outdoor LED battens that are perfect for colour washing buildings and marquees, creating countless effects for your guests. 



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