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At Essential Supplies, we stock a broad range of specialist audio equipment and sound devices, including the latest in DriveRack technology to ensure the best quality sound. DriveRack equipment provides you with the processing capabilities you need between your mixer and amplifiers, helping to optimise and protect your speaker equipment.
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  1. DBX DriveRack PA2
    DBX DriveRack PA2


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What Are DriveRacks?

DriveRack devices are processors which provide you with exceptional control over the equalisation of sound and loudspeaker management. They can be used in a host of different venues, from houses for home recording to world tours for household names. A DriveRack provides you with the latest advancement in sound equipment, from input delay modules to delay the FOH system to the backline to ethernet control for Android, Mac or Windows devices. Nothing is more off-putting for an audience than annoying feedback that is at best irritating and at worst painful for their ears. DriveRacks listen for feedback and adjust speaker output automatically before it has a chance to spoil the sound. 

When To Use DriveRacks

Whether you’re playing music at your local gig venue, recording or putting on a live show in a huge theatre, DriveRacks can be beneficial to ensure that your audience hears precisely what you want them to hear, and nothing more. From sound systems in a local community centre, a place of worship or travelling the country playing for vast audiences, a DriveRack gives you the confidence that you can play without feedback. 

Explore Our Range Of DriveRacks

At Essential Supplies, we provide a host of audio accessories to create a custom sound system that suits a range of applications, from home recording to festivals and concerts. If you have any questions about the DriveRacks we sell or you’d like advice about any of the other products we sell, why not contact a member of our friendly team today and they’d be happy to help you find the ideal product. Essential Supplies offer a wide range of cost-effective sound, lighting and events equipment at cost-effective prices, as well as quick delivery to ensure you have what you need quickly. 



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