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Pars & Stage Lights
Pars & Stage Lights
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Par Cans and Stage Lights for Events 

LED and Incandescent Par Cans 

Essential Supplies offers a range of PAR Cans suitable for events, marquees, tipis or for wedding lighting. We have a range of Pin Spots, in warm or cold white - these can be used for highlighting flowers, table decorations or even your wedding cake! We have a range of PAR Cans in coloure LED, warm whitte or cold white options as well as some imcandescent ones. These are perfect for stages, productions, exhibitions or uplighting. Our pinspot banks are perfect for lighting tables at a wedding. With the option of whit cans, DMX and dimmable. 

We have a range LED battens for uplighting marquee or venue walls. As well as a range of tungsten and LED profiles and fresnels. These can be used for lighting stages, spot lighting areas or lighting up a mirrorball. 

What kind of stage lighting do we do?

At Essential Supplies you will find a range of stage lighting including:

  • LED PAR Cans
  • Incandescent PAR Cans
  • LED Battens
  • Spot lights
  • Pin Spot
  • Profiles
  • Fresnels 
  • Birdie Can Pars

What are LED Par Can Lights?

At Essential Supplies we have been supplying Par Can Lights for over 21 years.

LED Par Can Packages are often used at weddings giving a great atmosphere to the room. We supply them in a range of different colours and styles to fit your occassion.

  • Par Lights available in silver polish, white or black case
  • RGB or White LEDs for your Par Can
  • Different brands such as Chauvet and ADJ
  • Cans ranging from 4W to 115W
  • Available to buy in sets
  • Par Cans LED available with remote control
  • Barn doors are available
  • Available with single or  double stand

What are Pin Spot Lights?

Essential Supplies has a range of single Pin Spots and Pin Spot Banks of lighting.

Battery powered wireless Spot Lights as well as mains powered.  LED Pin Spots.  Warm white or Cold White as well as RGB Pin Spot Lighting.

Pin Spots delivers a sharp beam angle of light varying in degrees (depending which you have) this can dramatically change the look and feel of a venue as well as creating mid-air effects.  The Pin Spot lights can high light objects such as art work, tables at a wedding, event etc.  With their all-metal construction can be hung or set on the ground.


Where can I use my Pin Spot Lights?

  • Performance Stages
  • Installations
  • Retail Stores - accenting objects
  • Table Spotting
  • Mirror Balls
  • Bars/Clubs/Disco
  • Highlighting Art or Objects

What is a Lighting Batten?

Lighting Battens are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube lighting, this versatile stylish looking this LED Lighting Batten washes entire walls with light and colour and they save energy and money thanks to the low power consumption from LED lighting .  Most have multiple programming modes available too.


Where can I use a Lighting Batten?   

The lighting batten has a wide range of places it can be used in commercial, industrial and domestic situations for example;

  • Car Parks
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Shopping Malls
  • Offices
  • Stages
  • Dance Floors

What type of Traditional Par Cans do you do?

We have a wide range of PAR cans and we provide Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Lights. These retro lights are very popular fixtures in all sorts of venues such as
  • Music Venues
  • Theatres
  • Clubs

They can highlight a subject as well vintage-styles give general lighting.  It produces a flat light and can be used for top, back or side lighting when creating special effects.  The vintage-style Par Can comes in black or silver.  We also supply LED Par Cans.


What are Fresnels & Profile Lights?

These lights bring mood, visibility and impact. Use our Fresnels to achieve a soft edged spotlight, control over beam angle enabling top or back lighting (in small venues front lighting) or our Profile spots with longer fixtures, a hard edged beam that is clearly defined giving the ability to focus and so much versatility. Gobos can be inserted to shape the light.

What is a Birdie Can Par 16?

A Birdie is a miniature lantern that's ideal for hiding in small parts of a set or along the downstage edge of the stage. It provides a surprisingly bright soft-edged pool of light.

Par 16 Can also known as a Birdie is fitted with a GU10 lamp holder making it suitable for all mains voltage Par 16 lamps no transformer required.

 We also supply a Birdie that is fitted with a GU5.3 lamp holder suitable for all low voltage MR16 lamps that require a transformer. Ideal for display lighting and highlighting. 

Both above can be supplied with a gel frame mounting bracket and short integral power lead. These are ideal for highlighting and display lighting.



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