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The following bespoke lighting, data, and power project was for a hotel and restaurant.

Llechwen Hall – Hotel & Restaurant

Llechwen Hall

Power, Data & Lighting Installation Project

Proposal: Two Part Installation

The first part included the installation of all the cabling and power equipment.

Power and lighting data cables consisted of 4 x radial circuits. The power was  supplied from the electric supply shed and data runs from a patch bay in the amplifier cupboard located by the kitchen area. All power and data cables were installed in a box conduit.
This offered protection against rodents and ensured the power infrastructure is protected at all times.

Structure 1: 17 x twin face plates on solid stands in chrome/silver finish loaded with 1 x 13a socket and DMX Data socket were installed. The faceplates were located at each uplight point with 2 extra at the DJ point.

Structure 1 Roof: The power to Chandeliers run from 1 x 4 channel dimmer pack installed in the electric supply shed. The dimmer is controlled via a lighting control system.

The chandeliers were split into groups so individual dimming could be achieved depending on the space being used during the event. 2 power and data lines run to the dance floor truss system. All roof power was terminated with 16a sockets.

Structure 2: The floor bar area has 3 x 13A face plates as structure 1, this provided up-light and data options for a range fn events. 2 x power supplies were dropped into the roof space for fairy lighting and vintage lamps above the bar area.

Work and Emergency Lighting Power

3 supplies from the electrical shed, power 2 x LED tube lighting with switches in work / preparation areas. Emergency exits and flood lighting are scheduled to be on a permanent supply - these become active in the case of a total loss of power in the marquee.

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LLechwen Hall Bespoke Event Lighting & Audio LLechwen Hall Bespoke Event Lighting & Audio
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