Bespoke Lighting and Audio Solutions


A beautiful venue deserves stunning lighting and audio systems. From weddings to seasonal parties and corporate events, we can help with every step. 


We offer a fully bespoke service for lighting, power and audio design. This could be helping with the design, product choices, delivery and we can even provide a full installation service.  


Our resident experts have years of experience in designing attractive and effective installations.  


Having been in business for more than 21 years we’ve created hundreds of bespoke design solutions to enhance event spaces for everything from hotels, golf clubs and gig venues to wedding barns, marquees and seasonal temporary structures. 


We know the key to a successful install is planning and understanding exactly what the customer and venue require. 


We also know that not everyone is technically minded. The last thing a busy venue needs is a member of staff programming lighting and testing audio. Our in-house technical team and designers will take care of the entire process. 


Bespoke Event Lighting & Audio




Using the latest lighting solutions and technology, we respect the venues we work with and use non-damaging fixings for any temporary structures we create. 


Our lighting expert can discuss your unique needs and create a mock-up the suggestion installation before we start the work. 


We also take safety seriously; all our specialist equipment is regularly maintained. 




We can provide anything from a plug and play audio system for speeches, to more complex ambient music and live entertainment systems. 


Regardless of the size or complexity of your venue, we have a solution for any occasion. 




One of the most important things when running an event, regardless of what type it is, is to make sure that you’re meeting all your power distribution needs.  


From lights and heating to entertainment such as music and TV, and any other appliances that can make the day truly complete. You need to ensure that the show isn’t going to be stopped simply because you don’t have the power. 


We’re more than happy to help with event power generators or advise on any power solutions you currently have. 


Bespoke Event Services 




We pride ourselves on our efficient and polite approach to installs and pack downs. 


Meeting our customers at their venue with demo equipment really helps everyone understand exactly what is required. If the venue has outside contractors, we find building a good relationship with them also helps with a smooth install.  


From the first meeting to the final handover our technical design and install team will take care of every detail.  


Support is always on hand, so our customers feel at ease with their new system. If a problem arises, give us a call and we can help resolve the issue. 




If the products we have aren’t quite perfect for the job – we can fix them too! We can customise any product in our in-house workshop, so your display is completely bespoke.  


Trying to plan an event but have no idea where to start? We can help. 


We’re passionate about helping clients create their perfect event, whatever your request or budget we can help you have an unforgettable occasion or maximise your venue’s features. 


Call our team now on 01752 817 140 for a free no-obligation chat.