Festoon Lighting
Festoon Lighting
  1. Custom Made Festoon

    Custom Made Festoon

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  2. Traditional Series

    Traditional Series

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  3. Connectable Series

    Connectable Series

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  4. Lightweight Series

    Lightweight Series

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  5. Coloured Festoon

    Coloured Festoon

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  6. White Festoon

    White Festoon

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  7. Self Assembly Festoon

    Self Assembly Festoon

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Outdoor Festoon Lighting in Various Styles / Lengths or Custom-Made


Essential Supplies provide a broad range of traditional festoon lighting products to suit any occasion or event. Our experienced in-house team are fully dedicated to designing and creating your festoon lighting requirements — especially custom white festoon lights — all within a fast turnaround time.




Our range of outdoor festoon lights, LED festoon lights, and white festoon lighting solutions are ideal for festivals, marquees, weddings, outdoor events, gardens, garden parties and permanent outdoor installations.




What are Festoon Lights?


A festoon was originally known as a ‘festal garland’ which would be suspended from two points. Festoon lighting or lights, also referred to as party lights, consist of large bulbs connected together with an electric cable and hanging in a garland style. They were first seen at funfairs, but they can now be found at many functions both indoors and outdoors, such as weddings, Christmas markets and festivals. Festoon lighting is also popular in beer gardens and for lighting up dark and shadowy walkways.


Where and When do I hang my traditional festoon ?

  • Parties ...  Indoor or Outdoor
  • Weddings
  • Christmas Markets
  • Festivals
  • Pathways/Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Beer/Pub Gardens
  • Hanging in Trees
  • Along a garden fence
  • Outdoor Dining Areas
  • Wooden Beam indoors


White Festoon Lighting


The style of festoon lighting you can select from is varied, from traditional lamps to LED lamps, shatterproof LED lamps to coloured LED lamps and white festoon lights. Festoon lights are made up of large glass bulbs that emit a warm white or a multi-coloured light; and with the wide range of lamps available they can be used in many different situations.


Where can I Hang or Drape Lightweight Festoon ?

  • Patio
  • Balcony
  • Pillar
  • Dining Table
  • Fence
  • Trees
  • Doorways

Is this connectable festoon easy to use ?

This Lightweight Festoon is connected to a transformer.  The transformer can have up to 3 sets connected.  An easy solution for an atmospheric and stylish result.  The Lightweight Festoon gives a similar effect to that of candle light a subtle glow.  Making any outdoor or indoor space warm and inviting.



Our vintage lamps (priced from £3.50) come in various shapes and styles including squirrel cage, tubular, gold, globe, smoked and even a crackled effect. Our screw-in drop-pendant system is brilliant for creating a retro look too. Simply screw one of our varying length pendant drops into the festoon and use with a variety of decorative lamps — the effect is stunning.




Essential Supplies are experts in the design and manufacture of festoon lights, from outdoor festoon lighting solutions to LED festoon lights and white festoon lights. We are sure to have the right festoon to suit your occasion. For bespoke festoon lighting solutions call our expert team now on 0800 0432 123 to discuss your requirements in detail and to receive an obligation-free quote