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150KG Kader Clamp for Marquee Fixing - In Stock

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  • Standard Marquee Clamp
  • 150kg SWL. Made in China

150KG Kader Clamp for Marquee Fixing

Designed for hanging loads from marquee kader beams, normally used to suspend lighting rigs, floral displays and props. Will fit all Marquee aluminium beams with kaders, that we have seen. Screw adjustastable by hand.

Cader Clamp or Kader Clamp 150kg - Technical Details
  • Maximum load capacity (SWL): 150kg
  • ax width of Kader beam 117mm
  • Mounting points: 2xM10, 2 x M12 and 1 x M14
  • Manufactured from steel with BZP finish.
  • Overall Dimensions 150mm x 137mm x 55mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight: 1.34kg

Features 1 x M14, 2 x M12 and 2 x M10 tapped holes which are usually used with eye bolts.  Order M10 or M12 eyebolt with each clamp to hang rigging. See FE12 for eyebolts.

Designed Working Load of the Kader Clamp is 150kg, clamps are stamped and certified 150kg & 30kg SWL. Please check the SWL of your tent or marquee frame, as many structures have a lower SWL.