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2.5mm SY Flexible 3 Core Control Cable

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2.5mm Steel Braided Polyvinyl Chloride, 3 Core Cable

Ideally used for inside applications, this is a control cable that offers various degrees of protection against electrical interference, in which allows data and power cables to be co-sited without problems.

This is a multi-core, highly flexible cable, as long as it is within a controlled temperature environment.  Too hot or cold can make the Steel Braid brittle and can fray the braid that can then penetrate the outer sheath, or more importantly, the inner cores.

This cable should also not be applied to a floor in a working environment, unless covered and protected, the cable should be run around the parimeters and away from potential hazards.

Cable is sold by the metre.
Drums are normally 100m long.
If ordering over 100m we would normally supply complete 100m drums, plus an offcut.

E.g. Ordering 234m, you would receive; 2 x 100m drums Plus 1 x 34m length.

The Use of SY Cable;

Not governed by any specific standards and does not fall under BS7671 Standards.
SY cable can often be seen outdoors at events. This is not recommended in BS7909 2011, despite its widespread use.
BS7909 2011 recommends the use of HO7 RN-F cable for outside use.

Ref BS7909 2011 Code of Practice for Temporary Electrical Systems for entertainment and related purposes.

Using SY cable must be applied to safe working environments that should still fall within the BS7671 Standards.



Green/Yellow = Earth

Blue = Neutral

Brown = Live 1

Black = Live 2

Grey = Live 3

­Temperature Rating;

Fixed, –35 to +70 Degrees Celsius

Flexing, -15 to +70 Degrees Celsius

Voltage Rating – 300v/500v

Galvanised Steel Wire Braiding

Copper Conductors

Insulation Material – Polyvinyl Chloride – Type YI2

Bedding & Sheath Material – Polyvinyl Chloride – Type YM2

Transparent Sheath Colour PVC

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