32A Portable Power Distribution Garo Box With Meter, RCD + MCBs - 32.1.G.E

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  • 6 Outlets: 32/1, 16/1, 13/1
  • RCD + MCBs
  • Designed & Made in UK
  • 12 Month Warranty

Standard 32A Distro 230v, 3 x 16A, 2 x 13A & 1 x 32A out , with Meter 

Power from house or 10KVA. Each outlet has a separate MCB except the 13A sockets share a 32A MCB. This enlosure is one of the smallest neatest and most flexible boards you will ever find. This board also features a combined voltmeter and ammeter to allow easy monitoring of the power being drawn. Enclosure made from thermoplastic, with a metal carry handle.This product is commonly used for Site Power Distribution / Temporary Power Distribution and is ideal for caterers, discos, and smaller marquees.

The enclosure is not waterproof or IP rated, so only suitible for indoor use.


Inlet: 1 x 32A 240v (IP44) Panel Mounted

2 x 13A
3 x 16A
1 x 32A (Panel Mouted, IP44)
1 x 10mm earthing stud

Protection: 3 x MCB 16A, 3 x MCB 32A, 1 x RCD 40A by RTC

Enclosure: Garo Box with carry handle

Extras: Combined Voltmeter (V) Ammeter (A)

Dimensions: 330 x 380 x 125 (W x H x D in mm)

Extras: A galvanised floor stand is available as an extra. See below.